What’s Involved

Initial consultation- Through an initial meeting with key people involved in your business,  I will establish your needs, drawing up a consultation package to give you the best results.
Thorough ‘business: employee’ engagement review – By looking at the business environment, I will review the current set up, drilling down to where problems lie including picking up behaviour and cultural issues.  Then designing an action plan to resolve any issues.


In-depth business report and Success criteria- Having gathered all relevant information together, having established key areas for further improvement work, I will pull together a comprehensive report detailing steps needed for your business, giving links and further support possibilities. Part of the report will include the action plan to enable your business to get moving quickly creating the right environment for success.


Identification of Performance Goals- Using business data and information, questionnaires and employees and Manager’s input, I will share key goals for your business as well as key milestones to aim for.

Management and leadership coaching and team development, to build the team’s capability, increasing performance, commitment to the business and improved customer service – Having over 25 years of management and leadership roles, as well as many management courses, I’ll establish development needs for your business to grow your Managers and Leaders, as well as developing new talent.  I’ll provide coaching and mentoring on an individual basis as needed, creating a caring and supportive environment.  

Emotional Intelligence technique training and mentoring- Establishing EI needs, I can supply coaching and mentoring, alongside workshops to develop this area further
Employees: Learning, Development & Training Needs – Working with Managers, Leaders and Employees using a variety of tools to establish needs, I will draw together what the business requires and how it can be provided, in particular, to develop programmes to deliver in-house.


Monthly Follow-on support- Follow-up one-to-one support through telephone calls, catch-ups and skype is available ensuring the business continues to develop, creating continuous improvement and continued success.

After-action review and final report- These are available as part of my package.  This makes sure the true root of problems has been identified and ensures understanding of what the benefits to the business have been and whether business goals have been met. It enables further improvements to be identified resulting in continuous Improvement for the business and Employer