OMG, what have I done!

OMG, what have I done!

2 office manSo you have taken on employees as your business is expanding and well you are not coping with all the demands, so taking on employees will make life easier but hells bells you haven’t a clue on how you manage the employees!

Some questions are running through your head:

How do I keep these employees and stop them running off with my business ideas?

How do I deal with them if they have a problem?

What if the employees aren’t pulling their weight?

Large organisations will have Managers and training teams that handle these issues. There is always something to improve around the Induction.   Small and Medium sized businesses usually rely on the business owner to carry out the induction process.

STOP! Let’s look at those niggling thoughts that you can’t escape.

Firstly when an employee starts, sit that employee down over a coffee and explain your vision for the business, and then explore what that person’s aspirations are and where that fits with the business. Listen intently observing body language and using your emotional intelligence to assess the genuine nature of the person and the passion they can bring to your business.

Next plan their training and development, don’t leave it to chance. Draw up a training plan and discuss this with the employee. What do you need them to do well and how can you make sure the training fits your needs and also the person’s learning style? We all learn in different ways and we need as Employer’s to accommodate this. Personally I need someone to show me what I need to learn but also give me written instructions. Others want to be talked through the job and make their own notes. For more information on learning styles and how to use with employees plus other tips sign up here for the help card

Next, what are you going to put in place to check in with your employee regularly to make sure everything is okay? Nothing beats talking to your employee every day they are in work. We all have day to day issues and usually someone enquiring how we are and whether there are any problems makes us feel so much more supported and appreciated. So check in daily or whenever the employee is in. If the person works remotely at the very least email or message the person.

If there are problems rearing their head, then confront them by planning what you need to say to the employee and then holding a meeting away from others to discuss the issues. If you plan the meeting properly you will feel more in control of the situation. But remember listen to the employee as often when there are issues, it is because of either the way they learn or things going on outside of work.

The same process applies whether the employee has a problem or there are issues with the person. From experience I’ve found it best to always tackle the problems straight away otherwise they seem to intensify. I’ve had people who appear not to be pulling their weight and when we’ve sat down and talked it’s usually because they have a different learning style that’s not being accommodated or there is an underlying issue which needs support. Yes it does take time supporting the employee but if you do take that time you will be amazed at the commitment and loyalty you will receive from that employee. I try and stand in their shoes, thinking what would I want if I was them!

Wanting to retain your employees and make sure they don’t run off to pastures new, then plan the induction training properly, taking the time to get it right for the person starting. Make the person feel welcomed by putting in place a buddy, if possible. Another tip is to have whatever equipment is needed for their job role ready and waiting. I recall starting somewhere new and feeling absolutely lost because I was left stranded sitting with someone while they got on with their work. Well I felt like a fish out of water as they didn’t show me anything and when you first start you really haven’t a clue what to ask. I was mortified and embarrassed as felt I should be doing more, but wasn’t sure what!   So when starting a new person give them a job to get them going that will help create an understanding of the business.

If you get the introduction and welcome right, alongside careful planning of training then you will be pleasantly surprised how the employee will want to go that extra mile for you, they’ll be happy and content and less likely to run away from the business. Investing time into the person makes sure you get a productive employee.

Good luck and if struggling then do pick up the phone for an informal chat with EN:RICH or email to see what support we can give you.

Have a good day



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