The postman knocks twice

The postman knocks twice

The Postman knocks twice

So there I am working, when the postman knocked with a letter from my GP asking me to get in touch and make an appointment. What’s my first reaction – concern, worry and why couldn’t they ring me. So I telephone and I’m told the process changed several years ago and they don’t ring now!

So that prompted a vein of thought that just wouldn’t go away and has led to this blog. Do businesses actually consider the customer view and do they ever stop and think about the processes and what it means to the customer and to them as well. Many do, but we all need to stop and take stock now and then. My thoughts around the doctor’s surgery process was that for the customer a phone call would have carried more warmth with it and would have been quicker. Alternatively using emails for patients to notify them is much quicker than sending post. For the business it would save printing costs, paper, time writing the letter and putting into the envelope and postage. How many other processes do businesses carry out that have been the same for years and have not evolved – the usual phrase “this is the way we have always done it” springs to mind!

So as a business do you look at what your low value areas are? For example, with calls that you receive, do you consider the type you are getting and whether your website and guidance needs improving as the calls are low value? Involve your workforce, they are at the front end and know what customers are saying. Collaborate with your employees to get them to brainstorm solutions to make the customer at the heart of everything. Map your processes – are you evolving in this digital world and are you revisiting regularly to keep up with the times, so you can make cost savings by changing your processes?

Working with your employees through caring, nurturing and involving them, by developing skillsets and by recognising their contribution to the business will give you a creative workforce that is committed to making your business a success.

Use tools to record problems and then identify root causes. Often employees will mention issues and they’re not recorded and then are missed. A golden opportunity to improve something for the better is lost.
Just think where your business could soar if you involved your customers and employees!

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