The People Mentor Business and Management Consultancy

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Set the standard for better employee engagement & people management with The People Mentor

Why use The People Mentor for your Organisation and Business?

The People Mentor Business and Management Consultancy enables organisations to improve and sustain performance through development of its people. Our approach develops individuals and teams in a supportive, caring manner to overcome issues within teams such as:

  • Relationship issues
  • Business commitment issues
  • Skill and Development Issues
  • Management Problems

The People Mentor Business and Management Consultancy is fully certified by the Institute of Consulting and provides our clients with a customised one to one service tailored to your organisations’ requirements. We build a relationship with you to develop a partnership to help achieve your business objectives and goals with proven results.

The People Mentor will help you:

  • Develop leadership and management skills
  • Build personal relationships with your employees to get the best from them
  • Create performing teams, whilst allowing people retain their individuality
  • Instil a caring environment, generating a lasting commitment from your employees to your business
  • Develop your employees, building a creative atmosphere, in turn helping to evolve your business

The benefits from our approach will develop:

  • Employee engagement
  • Employees will feel supported and valued
  • Workplace harmony

Your organisation will flourish from a:

  • Happier and more productive business environment. 
  • Customer service and feedback will improve
  • Business reputation will increase
  • Profits will grow

The People Mentor offers bespoke Management and Business Consultancy support designed to optimise success while developing leadership skills, enhancing employee engagement and increasing profits.

The People Mentor online training also provides a number of courses designed to get you started on the road to transformation.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”  Henry Ford

I work with you on a personal one to one basis to help you feel supported and to grow your business. My passion is building cultures where employees feel supported, can grow and want the business to do well.
Satisfaction is created through seeing the business transform and performance increase.EN:Rich Nichola Richardson